Leadrship Team

Industry leaders with experience in AdTech, Analytics & AI, blockchain R&D, marketing and business operations

Clifford Lim


Clifford has a wealth of experience in managing worldwide business operations from his 10 yrs of procurement and operation in IBM and Lenovo, including Lean Six Sigma Projects, Global Innovation team Projects, Process Controls, etc. He holds a BBA from Curtin University of Technology, Australia.

Andrew Marchen


A seasoned entrepreneur and ICT architect, Andrew was involved in leading the implementation of S$50 million Healthcare project for Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence and Health Promotion Board of Singapore. Besides his involvement in SwipeRich, he also acts as tech advisor to various startups working on social (Beep), market place (Effro, Venuerific), and financial industry (Wallex).

Kuay Chong Sean


Kuay Chong Sean has more than a decade worth of product management & strategic business development experience in both startup and MNC such as Intel & SingTel. He was the co-founding engineer of Singapore 1st in-store smart trolley startup Futurecart. He holds a MSc in Communication Software & Network from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

Iyan Waer


Iyan is a season technologist with expertise in charting company product roadmap and driving technology thought-leadership. He has proven track record in managing large software development teams across continents and cultural diversity, harnessing from his strong experience both in building startup and working in MNC including McKinsey Digital and Verint Systems.

Vishal Jadav

Community Manager


Community Manager

Blockchain Advisors

Jehan Chu

Managing partner, Kenetic Capital

Jehan Chu is Managing Partner at Kenetic Capital, a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investment Firm. Jehan founded the Ethereum HK community, co-founded the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong and founded the Hyperledger HK Community.

John Fiorelli

Head of Advisory, Kenetic Capital

John Fiorelli is the Head of Advisory at Kenetic Capital. John is also founder of Cut & Paste Design.

Shaun Djie

Co-Founder/COO of Digix Global

Shaun is the co-founder and COO of DigixGlobal, an asset tokenization company on Ethereum and the founder of Ethereum Singapore meetup group, the largest of its kind out of Asia. Shaun is also an Advisor to the Indorse project.

KC Chng

Co-Founder/CEO of Digix Global

KC is the co-founder and CEO of DigixGlobal, an asset tokenization company on Ethereum and was a former trader at a global investment bank on Wall Street prior to Digix. KC sits on the advisory board of Global Brain Blockchain Labs, a new initiative by Global Brain VC to spur blockchain programs. KC is also an advisor to Indorse

Yaron Velner

CTO of Kyber Network

Yaron Velner holds a PhD in computer science from Tel Aviv University. His research is focused on game theory incentives in blockchain protocols and formal verification of smart contracts. He has found several bugs in the Ethereum bug bounty program.

Ivo Giorgiev

Co-Founder/CEO of AdEx

Ivo is the Co-founder and CEO of AdEx, a blockchain-based ad exchange aiming at disrupting the existing online advertising landscape and address its significant problems: advertising fraud, privacy and consent to receiving sponsored messages. Since 2012, he has been heading Stremio, a video entertainment startup. He is well-versed in cryptography and crypto currencies.

Industry Advisors

Megain Widjaja

Chairman of Alternative Media Group


Megain Widjaja is the current Director and a key member of the startup committee of Indonesia Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX). He has created a high business profile over the years through successful business activities. Megain has a strong academic base in the field of business. He graduated from Seattle University with an honors degree of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting in 2005.

Davy Makimian

CEO of Alternative Media Group

Having engaged himself in the fields of property, manufacturing and IT for more than a decade. Davy is the CEO of Alternative Media Group, Indonesia largest out of home advertising agency. He earned his bachelor's degree from Bond University.

Ahmad Aditya

COO of PT Mahaka Media Tbk

Ahmad Aditya is very passionate on his work in creative industry. He is an award winning creative director in Indonesia and he is currently involved in several projects such as movies scriptwriter, communication consultant and entrepreneur. PT Mahaka Media Tbk has established many business units in Indonesia including Newspaper, Magazine, Book Publisher, TV, Radio, Digital and Outdoor Media.